Themed Crossword #14: Terse Verse

Hi all! The original version of this puzzle didn’t have the poem below as instructions, but my tester was unable to solve that version. I’m pretty confident that now it’s safely in the easy-medium camp. Send your meta-answer, if you wish, to janglernpl at [Oasis member’s first name and last initial, reversed] dot com. No prize, just bragging rights.

To solve this meta, if you choose,
First locate six distinctive clues.
Their answers, changed in certain ways,
Will lead you to a fitting phrase.

Terse Verse PUZ

Themed Crossword #12: Bleating Hearts

Hello all!

A 15×16 Thursday-ish difficulty one today. The last theme entry is not for the faint of heart. Thanks to Todd McClary for the title, though I don’t know if he’d have given it to me if he knew about the last entry.

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Themed Crossword: Bleating Hearts PUZ ZIP

Marching Bands #1: Turning 27


In celebration of my 27th birthday today, I am posting a Marching Bands puzzle with 27 total Bands words (which can be referred to as the “Turning 27”, nyuk nyuk). If you are unfamiliar with how Marching Bands puzzles, hop on over to this post from Eric Berlin’s blog: for a detailed explanation as well as a sample puzzle 🙂

Marching Bands #1: Turning 27 PDF


Mini Themed Crossword #2: Avenue Heard?

Welp, it’s official, tomorrow my book will be in print! Many thanks to Mike Sylvia, who provided the theme for the puzzle on page 51 (at least, I think it’s on page 51, I don’t have a copy of the book handy; in any case, it’s the puzzle where 3-Down is a Muppet’s first name). You can pick up a copy from Barnes & Noble or  Amazon online, or purchase it from a local bookstore, should you so desire. It consists of 42 10×10 crosswords, usually with a pair of main thematic entries, and jam-packed with extra pop-music entries and clues throughout. This post’s puzzle features one of the spare themes I didn’t end up using for the book; it’s a pretty good representation of what you can expect from the book, so if you like this puzzle, you’ll probably like the book.

Hope you like the puzzle! 🙂 (Edit: Gosh dang it, 12-Across is incorrect…I knew it in the back of my mind, too)

Avenue Heard PUZ ZIP