Bonus Puzzle #4: Nurikabe #1–“Island Numbers”

Here’s a Nurikabe puzzle, for all the logic puzzle fans out there. For those not familiar with the type, the rules, in brief:

1. Each space is either part of an “island” (white), or part of the “water” (black). Each group of horizontally or vertically connected island cells must include a cell with a number in it, that number being the number of cells in that group.
2. The water cells must form one contiguous group; that is, you must be able to connect any two water cells by moving horizontally and vertically along the water.
3. There can be no two-by-two block of water cells.

For more detailed instructions (in Flash animation form) and some sample puzzles, go to Hope you enjoy this one! :)

3 thoughts on “Bonus Puzzle #4: Nurikabe #1–“Island Numbers”

  1. Finished it, but isn’t there more than one solution? I can find four all with different shapes to the NW 4 island. Thanks for the new site and original xwps

    • I think three of those purported solutions violate condition #3…though I may be wrong. Let me know if there is an alternate.


      • I think I see what you mean. I looked at my grid with fresh eyes this morning and I found a lake (3 water squares not connected to the ocean). When I fixed that, the only NW 4 island is (letters for rows, numbers for columns) A3,A4,B2,B3. This is the first Nurikabe I’ve done, and I’m not sure I did it right. Could you post the solution?
        Thanks, Doug

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