Themed Crossword #9: Board Meetings

Hello! This crossword is brought to you by 25-, 38-, 41-, 46-, 50-, 52-, and 59-Down. (Seriously though, no idea why so many brand names came up in this fill.)

This one has a contest-ish element (I say “-ish” because there are no prizes…for this one, anyway). Feel free to e-mail the answer to the following question to [email protected] for bragging rights and/or practice in typing my e-mail address for possible future contests. Deadline is noon, one week from today.

Question: The ten words that comprise the answers to the starred clues can all be found near the edges. What word can be found directly in the center?

Themed Crossword #9–Board Meetings PUZ ZIP

5 thoughts on “Themed Crossword #9: Board Meetings

  1. Hi Jeffrey… As you probably know, you were mentioned in Matt Gaffney’s weekly comments last month. So, I printed off your “Themed Crossword #8–Double Shift” at the time, at work, and have worked it but not finished it. Here is my level: I can sometimes solve Matt’s puzzles in the first couple weeks of a month, but not at the end of the month. Sometimes, I can complete the puzzle, but not get the answer to the “Meta.”

    Anyway, I went to Squaresville just now to try your next puzzle, which was No.9. However, you did not link a PDF file, so I can’t print it. I cannot download PUZ ZIP files on the computers I use most.

    Is it possible to add the PDF to No.9, or to future puzzles again? Like I said, I’ve only just started visiting your website, but I already miss this feature.

    Thank you for considering this, and for posting some puzzles for us cruciverbal “hacks!”

    Best regards… –John Cogan in Vermont

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