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Hello all!

First of all, congratulations to the sixteen solvers who correctly answered the meta in the previous puzzle; details on the answer are within a spoiler tag below. Secondly, I will be taking a brief hiatus on posting…I will be working behind the scenes though both on the website as well as some “puzzle infrastructure” stuff–working on my wordlist, mainly, which I recently bollixed up so every entry now has the same ranking…just as well, I wanted to do a ranking overhaul anyway and now I have no choice :) The next new puzzle will appear January 1st of next year, and I intend to up the puzzle frequency from one puzzle every two weeks to one every week.

The five theme entries of the puzzle last week (BALTIC STATES, NEW LINE, ELECTRIC AVENUE, TAX FREE, and PARKING PLACE) all consisted of pairs of words which could be found on Monopoly spaces (ELECTRIC company, short LINE, etc.), which are near the edges of a standard Monopoly board. The puzzle asked for the word in the center, which of course is MONOPOLY.
I received 16 correct answers (congratulations to Adam, Andrea, Andy, Avram, Brett, Chris, another Chris, Cole, Jim, Jon, Jonathan, Ken, Matt, Neil, Thomas, and Tyler!) and no incorrect answers. Special kudos to Brett, who suggested that were I to award a prize, the sum of 200 dollars would be fitting :)

Oh, yes, and there will be contests in the new year (once a month) with actual prizes.

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  1. When Eric Berlin did his board game puzzle hunt thing a few years ago (IIRC) both the answer and the prize was TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, so great minds think alike etc.

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