Mini Themed Crossword #2: Avenue Heard?

Welp, it’s official, tomorrow my book will be in print! Many thanks to Mike Sylvia, who provided the theme for the puzzle on page 51 (at least, I think it’s on page 51, I don’t have a copy of the book handy; in any case, it’s the puzzle where 3-Down is a Muppet’s first name). You can pick up a copy from Barnes & Noble or  Amazon online, or purchase it from a local bookstore, should you so desire. It consists of 42 10×10 crosswords, usually with a pair of main thematic entries, and jam-packed with extra pop-music entries and clues throughout. This post’s puzzle features one of the spare themes I didn’t end up using for the book; it’s a pretty good representation of what you can expect from the book, so if you like this puzzle, you’ll probably like the book.

Hope you like the puzzle! 🙂 (Edit: Gosh dang it, 12-Across is incorrect…I knew it in the back of my mind, too)

Avenue Heard PUZ ZIP

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