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Hello, and welcome to Squaresville Puzzles! Here I will be posting a themed crossword once every two weeks, as well as bonus puzzles of varying sorts on a more sporadic, which is not to say necessarily less frequent, basis.

3 thoughts on “About This Website

  1. I just found this site through Tyler Hinman’s blog and I’ve been working on the cryptic puzzle. I’m enjoying it but there are a couple of answers that escape me — are the answers posted somewhere with any sort of explanation? Thanks for posting the puzzles; I appreciate people sharing their hard work creating these with the rest of us!

    • Thanks! There aren’t posted solutions yet, but I’d be happy to provide hints or answers to any specific clues/entries you’re having trouble with.

      • I’m going to ask in the comment section of this particular puzzle instead of the general area here. Thanks for the quick response!

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