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Hello all!

First of all, congratulations to the sixteen solvers who correctly answered the meta in the previous puzzle; details on the answer are within a spoiler tag below. Secondly, I will be taking a brief hiatus on posting…I will be working behind the scenes though both on the website as well as some “puzzle infrastructure” stuff–working on my wordlist, mainly, which I recently bollixed up so every entry now has the same ranking…just as well, I wanted to do a ranking overhaul anyway and now I have no choice 🙂 The next new puzzle will appear January 1st of next year, and I intend to up the puzzle frequency from one puzzle every two weeks to one every week.

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Themed Crossword #9: Board Meetings

Hello! This crossword is brought to you by 25-, 38-, 41-, 46-, 50-, 52-, and 59-Down. (Seriously though, no idea why so many brand names came up in this fill.)

This one has a contest-ish element (I say “-ish” because there are no prizes…for this one, anyway). Feel free to e-mail the answer to the following question to [email protected] for bragging rights and/or practice in typing my e-mail address for possible future contests. Deadline is noon, one week from today.

Question: The ten words that comprise the answers to the starred clues can all be found near the edges. What word can be found directly in the center?

Themed Crossword #9–Board Meetings PUZ ZIP

Themed Mini Crossword #1: “Witches’ Brew”

Sorry for the smaller-than-normal (11×13) offering this time around…these past two weeks have not been very conducive to puzzlemaking. Small does not mean easy, however…the clues are intended to provide a bit of resistance.

Yes, I know the numbering/labeling system is sort of a mess right now, but I’m sure I’ll work out the kinks by next January. I hope so, anyway, because I have plans for this site. Big plans. Muahaha. (Note: I don’t actually have plans. But if I say I do, that means I’m more likely to think of some, right?)

Themed Mini Crossword #1: Witches’ Brew PDF
Themed Mini Crossword #1: Witches’ Brew PUZ ZIP



Bonus Puzzle #4: Nurikabe #1–“Island Numbers”

Here’s a Nurikabe puzzle, for all the logic puzzle fans out there. For those not familiar with the type, the rules, in brief:

1. Each space is either part of an “island” (white), or part of the “water” (black). Each group of horizontally or vertically connected island cells must include a cell with a number in it, that number being the number of cells in that group.
2. The water cells must form one contiguous group; that is, you must be able to connect any two water cells by moving horizontally and vertically along the water.
3. There can be no two-by-two block of water cells.

For more detailed instructions (in Flash animation form) and some sample puzzles, go to Hope you enjoy this one! 🙂

Themed Crossword #4: Beverly Films

This is the last of the backlog of themed puzzles I have; I submitted it to Rich Norris for the LA Times around 2009, but it was rejected. If I was starting from scratch, I’d probably redo the grid as there are parts I’m unsatisfied with, but a bird in the hand and all that. I’ll add the pdf later.

Also, now you can “like” my page on facebook to receive notifications of updates, by clicking the “like” button in the box on the right.

Themed Crossword #4: Beverly Films PUZ