Themed Crossword #3: Five Guys

OK, now you have the choice of either pdf or .puz format. My thanks to Joe Cabrera for the suggestion of uploading zipped versions of the .puz files. Also, the pdfs look nicer, thanks to an open-source InDesign-esque program called Scribus. Furthermore, I’ve added some links to other puzzlemakers’ websites; I imagine most people who know about this blog at the moment are also aware of the other sites, but there may be some you’ve missed.
Five Guys PDF

Five Guys PUZ

E[rra]TA: 51-Down should read {Oscar-nominated role for Dustin}, not {…-winning…}.

Bonus Puzzle #1: Say It With Flowers

I may regret using this as my first bonus puzzle, as it is the most interesting of the ones I have planned so far, but I’ve had the grid lying around for over two years now and I figured that’s quite long enough.

Many thanks to Patrick Berry for formatting the puzzle for me, as well as for letting me use the “Rows Garden” concept and just for being an all-around awesome puzzlemaker.

Say It With Flowers


Themed Crossword #1: Note Cards

Welcome to Squaresville Puzzles! On this blog I will be posting a themed crossword every two weeks, as well as other puzzles sporadically. The first few puzzles I post are ones I had lying around, either because they were rejected or because I never submitted them anywhere. This one was made in 2009, when I was making grids by hand–i.e., without the help of Crossword Compiler–so the fill may be a little rougher/less lively than that of future puzzles. However, I did end up using Crossword Compiler to create the pdf, so perhaps it would have been simpler to just do the whole thing with the program! Anyway, without further ado, I hope you enjoy: Note Cards.

Edit: Now in a more printer-friendly version; thanks to Dan Feyer for the suggestion.