10 Outfits That Prove Bucket Hats Weirdly Look Good With Everything

Bucket Hats

Odds are, if you were asked a few years ago to make a list of the '90s trends set to make a comeback, bucket hats would be at the very bottom. In fact, they might not even be on your list at all. Sure, during your youth, they may have been a wardrobe essential for many a dELiA*s-inspired closet, but they weren't exactly flattering.

However, this retro accessory has officially spoken, and looking at the the amount of bucket hat outfits out there — featuring revamped options that seem way more fun and wearable — it can no longer be ignored.

Seen on the heads of everyone from Kaia Gerber to Rihanna to Kim Namjoon, bucket hats are the accessory that's fit for everyone. Are you edgy? Grungy? Ultra-feminine? There is a bucket hat waiting for you, which will perfectly suit your style. According to Google, searches for bucket hats have gone up nearly 400% in the past year alone, so it's a clear rising star if we've ever seen one.

In general, a hat is often a throw-on-and-go extra, but there's something quite daunting about styling an accessory that has so long since been out of sartorial practice. Even still, our Instagram feeds are setting out to prove that it's bucket hat season — and you can wear your own any way you may like.

If you're feeling the '90s- and '00s vibe, it's time to work the new-and-improved bucket hat into you look. Ahead, find some outfit inspiration for 2021's favorite throwback trend by seeing how our favorite influencers have been wearing it.

With Layered Tops

Go full-blown '00s by layering a tank over a button down, then throw on a logo-clad bucket hat to complete this go-anywhere look.

With All Black

Slip into a '90s-inspired black look, complete with flares, a ribbed tank, and — yes! — heeled flip flops. The only thing that's missing is that bucket hat, whether you reach for a contrasting white tone or something a bit more colorful.

With Loungewear

Pair your bucket hat with another popular trend: loungewear. When you're slipping into your matching knit set and bralette at home or before running errands, a bucket hat will effortlessly finish off the look, adding a fashionable twist.

With a Sweatshirt-Dress

You know the look: An oversized sweatshirt styled as a dress. It's sporty, fun, and shows just the right amount of skin. Follow in the footsteps of everyone from Ariana Grande to Kourtney Kardashian by adding a simple bucket hat for a little bit of colorful je ne sais quoi.

With Color

A bucket hat is a great way to add a splash of color — or simply some more color — to your outfit. Try a pair of bright plaid pants and contrasting primary toned jacket, topping things off with a bucket hat to match.

With a Bathing Suit

Heading to the beach? Trying to look cute while still dressing practically in the heat? With a bikini and an oversized shirt as your cover-up, all your outfit needs is a straw bucket hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

With Mixed Prints

Go bold with a combination that's sure to make heads turn. Try full-blown pattern-mixing by styling a large-printed bottom with a tiny-printed top, then finish off with a bucket hat to effortlessly brings all the colors together with a third print of its own.

With an Oversized Knit

Odds are, your go-to uniform for 80% of the year is a pair of jeans and an oversized knit on top. The only thing it's missing? A bucket hat to add some interest and make it look just a little bit different from the rest.

With a Sundress

Use that bucket hat for what it was truly intended: To keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. When headed out during the warmer months, pair a casual bucket hat with your more dressed-up sundresses to balance thing out and make them feel more casual.

With Overalls

There are few pieces more peak '90s than overalls, so fully embrace the decade by slipping into a denim pair and topping it off (quite literally!) with a colorful bucket hat in a fun print of your choosing.

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