16 Times Harry Styles's Sweater (and Sweater Vest!) Game Was Unequivocally Unmatched

16 Times Harry Styles’s Sweater (and Sweater Vest!) Game Was Unequivocally Unmatched

Harry Styles has come a long way since his One Direction days — creatively, romantically, musically, and perhaps most notably of all, fashionably. Roughly 10 years ago when he was fresh off his stint on The X Factor, the singer-songwriter fancied muted suits, skinny jeans, sporty tracksuits, flannel button-downs, and the occasional wide-brim hat. But after he began pursuing his career as a solo artist, Harry’s true sense of style began to shine in all its quirky glory.

Nowadays, Harry frequently steps out in brightly colored suits, heeled leather boots, wide-leg trousers, and an impressive collection of cozy sweaters and sweater vests. No seriously, we’re starting to believe he may have an entirely separate closet just for his knitwear — or perhaps a cedar chest à la Schitt’s Creek‘s David Rose? To celebrate Harry’s fun sweater style, we’ve compiled our 16 favorite looks from the past few years, featuring pieces by Gucci (duh), Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and more designer brands. Crank up Fine Line and check out every enviable outfit ahead.

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