Allbirds Launches a New Sustainable Activewear Collection

Just before filing for IPO (initial public offering), Allbirds added another category to its sustainable fashion lineup — activewear! The eco-friendly brand is best known for its ultra-comfortable sneakers made from natural materials like the wool sneaker it’s known for and the Tree Runner shoe style made with eucalyptus tree fiber. Now, Allbirds has a new line of activewear called the Natural Run Collection. 

The freshly launched line from the company features athletic clothing options crafted with sustainable materials and designed for comfort for women and men, including leggings, shorts, tees and tanks. Allbirds focuses on the use of natural and renewable materials and as little synthetic materials as possible, using wool and recycled polyester, lyocell along with recycled plastic bottles to make laces to reduce environmental impact.

The pieces also combine style and function so that the activewear is breathable, moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating. 

Shop the entire Allbirds sustainable activewear collection below. 

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