Archie is an explorer who enjoys music & is destined for the spotlight but LOVES home comforts, his star sign reveals

AS baby Archie turns one today, we look at what the future holds for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son – according to his star sign. 

The youngster was born at the Portland Hospital, in London, at 5:26am a year ago today, making him a Taurus. 

He shares his star sign with his great-grandmother, the Queen, with the zodiac possessing an “incredibly strong sense of duty”. 

Taureans are also said to “have musical talents”, according to astrologer, Peter Watson, noting the Queen and Princess Margaret were well known for their “music and mimicry”.  

The sign is ruled by the planet Venus, so art, music, literature, fine food and romance are important, with Peter adding music can be “restorative” for a Taurean. 

A flair for music could lead the little lad to stardom, with Peter telling Harper’s Bazaar Archie is “destined for the spotlight”. 

His zodiac, which is an earth sign, encourages hard work and discipline, which could propel him in his chosen career.

Peter added: “He is sure to steer himself towards the centre of the world stage in the years to come.”

Desirable professions include finance, food and the arts, but Archie will also do a fair bit exploring and travelling.

Peter said: "His resourcefulness will drive him towards foreign shores later on in life as, in his chart, pro-active Mars combines it’s energies with those of Jupiter, the explorer, in a way that suggests he’ll foster interests and curiosity about far-flung countries and cultures the world over.”

While Archie will have a taste for travel and adventure, he also enjoys home comforts. 

Peter explained: "As Taurus is the most homely sign of the Zodiac, these people are best in an environment that’s emotionally secure.”

This also translates into an expensive taste, with Peter adding Taureans love to be surrounded by the “finer things” in life.

Overall Taureans are solid, practical, constructive with a strong constitution. 

As Archie gets older, Taureans are said to be drawn to fellow earth signs, including Virgo and Capricorn, with a romance potentially blossoming in the future with either of these zodiacs.

And this is baby Archie’s whirlwind first year as he turns one, from meeting Desmond Tutu to moving to Canada & being lockdown in LA.

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