Astrid Andersen RTW Fall 2021

Having been stuck in Copenhagen for over a year, Astrid Andersen needed this collection to remind her why she fell in love with fashion.

“We all question at some point, are we going to do a collection?” Andersen said. “If this is a collection that’s going to sit outside fashion week, let’s just make something that’s at least going to keep me uplifted while I am doing it. It’s a way for me to channel the things I miss, something dynamic.”

This season, the designer, who is known for making masculine men’s wear items with bold and unconventional materials, removed all the restrictions that come with running a label and went back to her streetwear roots. She embraced big and nostalgic silhouettes from the ’90s, and used elements that make her happy, such as tropical prints, mesh, zebra patterns, jacquard weaves, checks, Lurex and fur, her signature material.

Astrid Andersen RTW Fall 2021

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With the pandemic, the brand has been speeding its direct-to-consumer online sales channel, and reducing its reliance on wholesale. “Our strongest retailer is ourselves. I am quite happy to gain back a little bit of that independence,” she said.

For the collection, Andersen also produced a fashion film inside Copenhagen’s two Michelin-star restaurant Alchemist. The place is known for its holistic dining experience.

In the film, Andersen projected the brand’s logo onto the dome in the restaurant, while models walked in various directions to showcase the movement of the garments.

“We wanted to place the clothes in an environment that maybe didn’t feel so upbeat, almost like out of space and a bit lost in time, or that would feel like too ‘ha-ha, let’s go to the beach,’ which wasn’t my intention,” Andersen added.

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