Beauty fan shares the genius way she stops fake tan from getting on her hands while she sleeps & people are loving it

AVID fake tanners would know to never let the product stain your palms, with many trying everything possible to avoid it (hello tanning mits).

But to stop the pesky product from getting on her hands while she sleeps, one beauty fan has a little trick up her sleeve – and people are instantly on board with it.

Posting in the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group, Mags Gilmour revealed that she slips a pair of sports socks over her hands like mittens.

This means that her hands can wander while she sleeps without her having to worry about a stained messed in the morning.

Sharing a snap of her hack in action, Mags wrote: "Partner laughs at me for wearing sports socks on my hands after a spray tan when I go to bed. It stops me getting tan on my palms when I’m sleeping."

While her partner might find it strange, other woman loved the genius idea.

"Love this! I always wake up with palms darker than the rest of me," one person admitted.

"This is genius," said another.

A third added: "Thanks for the tip, I'll be doing that from now on! My hands constantly look like I've just applied tan without a mitt."

And a fourth said: "Wish I'd thought of this! The amount of times I wake up with a face print on my palm ."

In fact, the tip was so good that a professional even chimed in to say: "This is what I’ve always advised all my tan clients."

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