Beauty fans desperate for freckles are spraying root touch up on their face to get the look in bizarre new TikTok trend

CREATING faux freckles isn't a new phenomenon as the beauty obsessed have long been using cosmetics to replicate the sun kissed spots.

But while it's common for many to use makeup products such as eyeliner or even eye shadow to create the look, it seems you can also get the effortless and natural look in seconds using a popular hair colour product.

Beauty enthusiast Olivia Shillito Buck, from Brighton, demonstrated the faux freckle effect on TikTOk using L'oreal's Magic Root Cover up – a coloured spray designed to instantly hide less than perfect regrowth.

The product comes highly recommended by industry professionals and has been an absolute god send for many during lockdown as salons have been closed – and it's super affordable too.

But as good as it is for concealing greys and obvious regrowth, the "magic" spray is the perfect finishing spray over make up too, giving the illusion of soft and subtle freckles on the skin – and people swear they look real.

Olivia, whose skin is blemish and spot free after makeup application, starts by gently pressing down on the spray nozzle but only enough for the product to skirt out.

Be sure not to press it all the way down because, well, that would be a disaster.

She repeats this in different areas of her face until her entire visage is brushed with subtle brown spots from the spray.

To make them appear more natural, she then uses a beauty sponge and dabs over her face to both set and blend the spots.

The best thing about this beauty hack is that you can go for as little or as much as you like with many people tryingthe trend simply adding a few across the nose.

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Other TikTok users were blown away by the clever results with one makeup fan dubbing it "genius".

Another said: "Omg this looks so natural and beautiful. I have such a freckle face but makeup covers them so I need this."

"The first faux freckles I've seen that actually look natural," said a third.

And many more expressed their eagerness to try it themselves.

Olivia also suggested dusting some powder over your face and finish with a setting spray to make it last longer – although this isn't necessarily required.

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