Bride shares hairdresser's epic fail after she asked for pretty waves for wedding but ends up in tears over the result

WHEN it comes to picking hair and make-up for your wedding, most brides have a VERY specific idea of what they want.

It's therefore up to the professionals to either make their dreams or a reality or – shall we say – "manage their expectations".

Unfortunately for one recent bride, her hairdressers' attempts to recreate a look she found on Pinterest spectacularly backfired – and left her devastated.

Posting on her TikTok channel, the American bride said she "wished she'd done it herself" instead of paying a professional.

Like many brides, the woman turned to the internet for inspiration and found a photo of some pretty waves she wanted on her wedding day.

And to make matters worse, the the bride wanted chic highlights for her special day ended up with stripes of two different colours instead.

She explained: "They messed up the colours and didn't do my hair how I wanted cause she said it was ugly.

"Two hairdressers messed it up for my wedding."

Looking back at photos of what she asked for and what her hair actually looked like on her big day, the bride broke down in tears.

On the plus side, at least she didn't have to wear a WIG like this bride after her cousin destroyed her hair with extensions.

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