Chic Halloween nail ideas for a mani that's more stylish than spooky

From spiders to slime, we’ve got all the spooky nail art ideas you’ll need this Halloween…

While we’re probably all in agreement that this year has been scary enough already, Halloween is right around the corner and there’s nothing like a spook-fest that gears us up ready for autumn. 

But chances are, Halloween is probably going to be a little different this year. With lockdown guidelines still very much ruling the country, we can be pretty sure that there will be no trick-or-treating and no Halloween parties allowed. So if you are feeling the empty void of spooky season, what better way to celebrate than treat yourself to a Halloween-inspiredmanicure and binge-watch a marathon of the classic Halloween horrors?

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If you’re in need of some Halloween nail inspiration, that’s where we can come in. We’ve rounded up 2020’s best Halloween nail ideas that, might although more chic than scary, still have a generous handful of ghost, grime and ghoul. 

Grab yourself a nail art kit and get ready to screenshot because here are our pick of the best Halloween nail ideas for this year… 

Halloween nail ideas 2020

Barely-there blood

If there were ever a way to make blood look chic, you can count on @betina_goldstein to bring it. There’s something quite ominous about this single finger drip. 

Creepy crawlies

While no one wants to wake up with a spider near their face, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that @paintbyjaz’s creepy crawly manicure is quite cute. 

Bat attack

Spiders not your thing? Why not go for bats instead! @julesnailedit used bat stickers to create this cool Halloween inspired manicure. 

Bootiful ghosts

We’re obsessed with @umanailartist’s ‘bootiful ghosts’. Paired with an autumnal-coloured tip and matte topcoat and you’re onto a winner. 

Eerie eyeballs

If you really fancy your hand at nail art, then these seriously spooky eye balls created by @betina_goldstein will be sure to test your skills. 

Autumnal butterflies

Okay, so these hand painted butterflies aren’t strictly Halloween-esque – but upgrade them to moths and you have got yourself a mysteriously spooky mani. 

Sinister slime

There’s something about @umanailartist’s manicure here that screams Ghostbusters to us. Play with your colour combinations and the possibilities are endless.  

Devilish details

While devil costumes might conjure up some seriously scary late-2000s memories, these devilish manicure details are definitely a chic 2020 update. 

Main image: @paintbyjaz

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