Chinese Astrology: What does Joe Biden's Scorpio Water Horse sign mean?

VICE President Joe Biden's sign is a Water Horse in the Chinese zodiac because he was born in 1942. He is also a Scorpio based on his birth date in the Western zodiac.

Water Horses in the Chinese zodiac are said to seek balance and are good at business which can favor them in any entrepreneurial route; they can also be indecisive and highly emotional at times.

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Scorpio Water Horse personality traits

Wonderful man, end of story. 

Scorpio boys do tend to take life way too seriously, so does the Horse – but thank the Lord for the Water element, it just dissipates all that seriousness and creates a far more open, affable, happy charmer. 

He will work fantastically hard, like all Scorpio boys in that he's extremely conscientious, but he'll also play hard. 

He loves to play – he is, if we're being completely frank, something of a playboy. 

"Life", according to Scorpio Water Horse boy, "is there to be enjoyed" and he tends not to let the side down. 

He is a Scorpio, so there's an air of mystery, he'll be mildly intense and a tad serious – but he's a lucky boy, because he's imbued with a real charm that conceals any shortcomings he might possess. 

Unlike many Scorpio boys he is pretty uncomplicated – and you can't say that about many of them – and it's a blessing. 

He is mildly complex in that he'll covet his independence – but at the same time a soulmate who allows him that "Scorpio Water Horse" time would be his preferred avenue. 

Private, sociable, independent, happy and charming. Lovely. 

What does 2021 have in store for Horses?

The Water Horse will be focused on working come the new year. 

However, they are urged to take care of their health and spend time doing things that are unrelated to stress and work to not get sick.

It is recommended that they take more rest this year, eat more easily digestible foods such as vegetables and fruits to reduce intestinal problems. 

It would be wise to focus on eating healthier meals and doing light exercise to prevent any unwanted injuries.

Who are Horses most compatible with?

Horses are most compatible with the Tiger, Dog and the Goat.

With the Tiger, the Horse will be in harmony as the two get along and agree on most things. 

Similarly, the Goat and the Horse will have a passionate relationship focused on care and respect for each other.

Other types of Horses in Chinese Astrology

  • Metal Horse
  • Earth Horse
  • Wood Horse
  • Fire Horse
  • Water Horse

Who are Horses least compatible with?

The Horse is least compatible with the Rat, Ox, Rooster, and another Horse.

Both the Rat and the Horse can have terrible tempers so it is not best for partnerships of any kind. 

The Ox and the Rooster are very different from the Horse and will have a hard time agreeing with each other.

Health predictability for Horses in 2021

Fortunately for the new year the Horse’s health will be in good shape. 

However, due to their age, they are urged to take vitamins, drink water regularly and exercise as much as possible. 

Also, it is important that they keep a healthy food regimen to improve their gut health and appetite. 

They must focus on eating robust, nutritious foods to keep in shape and support mental clarity. 

What Chinese Zodiac sign am I?

Famous Scorpios

Scorpios can be curious, loyal, strategic, and very persistent

  • Hillary Clinton: October 26, 1947 (Fire Pig)
  • Bill Gates: October 28, 1955 (Wood Goat)
  • Kris Jenner: November 5, 1955 (Wood Goat)
  • Caitlin Jenner: October 28, 1949 (Earth Ox)


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