Cleaning expert shares three simples ways to keep trainers smelling fresh – all you need is some dry shampoo

LET'S face it, no matter how much you try and avoid it, trainers will always end up smelling bad at one point or another.

But there are a few simple ways you can keep them fresh without running them through the washing machine.

Lynsey Crombie, TV's Queen of Clean, has revealed that dry shampoo could be your saving grace when it comes to fresh-smelling kicks.

The popular cleaning fanatic, known for her savvy household tips and tricks, posted a clip on her Instagram, with the caption: "Trainers a bit whiffy then try one of these simple tips."

The mum-off three sprayed dry shampoo inside each of her shoes, allowing the fresh, floral scent to take over.

The unlikely hair product is used to keep your hair looking and smelling its best, so it makes sense it would do the same for a grubby pair of shoes.

But if you don't have a can laying around, that's ok, as you will no doubt find the next tip useful.

Lynsey demonstrates popping a tea bag in each of the shoes, which she reckons eliminates odours in an instant.

This works as tea bags are known to be super absorbent, so they'll suck the moisture and smell right out.

Just be sure to chuck them once you're done as your cuppa certainly won't taste the same.

Finally, Lynsey said to sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda in each shoes which works much in the same way.

Fans of the cleaning guru loved the tips, particularly those with smelly teenage sons, or husbands.

"Fab tips! Especially with teenagers in the house," said one mum.

Impressed, another admitted: "Never thought about dry shampoo!"

"What great tips! Going to give the dry shampoo a go. My trainers got really wet the other day and aren’t smelling great now!" said a third

While a another wrote: "Dry shampoo… wow"

One mum, however, issued a warning about tea bags and said: "I tried the teabags and our then 4 year old found them and put them back in the jar.

"I noticed when I went to make a cuppa….but hubby hadn't noticed earlier in day."

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