Cleaning fan shows how he cleans dirty windows in SECONDS using a clever sponge trick

TACKLING dirty windows is a task most go out of their way to avoid, but this nifty sponge hack is guaranteed to move such a chore to the top of your to-do list.

Spring cleaning just got way more fun – even for mammoth tasks like sprucing up all the windows around your home, as one TikTok user has revealed how to get into all those annoying nooks and grooves with ease.

Cleaning fan Mc.Klein, who is known for sharing his tips and tricks online, revealed a clever sponge hack that has now been watched over nearly 35million times on social media.

In the video, he lines up his sponge on top of a filthy window edge and marks out where each groove sits with a pen.

Using a knife, he cuts dents half way into his sponge at each point, with each section expertly fitting into the window grooves and picking up all the dirt as he wipes.

It's so satisfying to watch, so imagine how satisfying it'll be to actually give it a go.

People were keen to try for themselves, with one person commenting: "Genius I will do that tomorrow."

Another posted: "I believe this video has changed my life for the better."

A third wrote: "I love you, never thought of this," as others called the trick an "awesome tip".

"Top tip, nice one," said one fan.

Some were keen to share their own advice, with one person suggesting using a toothbrush after the sponge to really tackle the corners.

Thinking that the rougher side of the sponge would work even better, one more wrote: "Hear me out just hear me out, turn the sponge around."

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