Clever hack shows how to use wax melts as a car air freshener – and it’s SO easy – The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how to make your car smell as good as your home, with a nifty trick that makes wax melts into a portable air freshener.

Taking to the video sharing app, the woman shared a short clip of herself adding two wax melts to a salt shaker.

She then places the shaker into her car door, allowing the scent to be released through the holes in the lid.

Wax melt lovers have been raving about the hack, rushing to the comments to thank the woman for sharing her hack.

One person commented: "Thank you for your post, this gives me something to try. All I need is the shaker!"

Another added: "Great freaking idea, thank you!"

Others who have tried the hack praised the method.

"I keep mine in the same salt shaker on the centre console and it works great," one person said.

However, some people commented that they had tried the hack without much success.

According to one TikTok user, the trick is making sure the salt shaker gets enough sun.

"It has to be in the sun so the sun can melt it," the person commented.

Another user suggested putting the DIY air freshener on the dashboard to make sure it has the best chance of melting.

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