Couple who bought derelict bungalow aged 22 share amazing Christmas ‘glow up’ & virtually everything was a budget buy

CAST your mind back to the first place you lived when you left home – chances are, it wasn't quite as glamorous as the movies make out.

Although most of us made do with a box room in a rented house, young homeowners Kate and Paul purchased their first place together in 2020 after four years of saving.

The couple have amassed over 100,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram – where they've been sharing their incredible house transformation.

In February, Kate and Paul – who were 22 years old at the time – purchased a 1930s bungalow together and have spent lockdown transforming it into their dream home.

Earlier this month, Kate gave fans a look at the living room's festive "glow-up" as she shared amazing before-and-after photos.

When they moved in, the bungalow – which had been derelict for four years – had dated green carpets and artex ceilings.

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In less than a year, the couple have replaced the carpet with parquet wooden floorboards – which run through the whole house.

What's more, they also added a chic black mantelpiece round the fire and saved some pennies by buying second-hand from Facebook marketplace.

Showing off her festive living space, Kate shared her new tan leather sofas and black kitchen table which she sourced online.

Kate managed to bag the £50 table from Facebook marketplace and had a new black circular top made from Bespoke This.

As for the stunning wreath hanging over the table, Kate made it almost entirely from scratch using a piece of black plastic she found in the overgrown garden.

Giving her 57,000 followers a tutorial on Instagram, she began by gluing the edges together to make a circle and covered the outside in cardboard.

She then spray painted some fake berry branches and then added a mistletoe garden from Lights4Fun.

As well as ripping out the bathroom, Kate and Paul replaced the kitchen counters with black cabinets with chic white surfaces.

To finish, Kate added two £60 pendant hanging lights she found online which were £440 cheaper than the original ones she wanted.

Captioning an Instagram post, she wrote: "The pendants I originally wanted were 500 euros, so I bought these two for £60 and painted them this cashmere colour from Frenchic Paint to create a copy of the original. I think I’ve done a good job if I’m honest!"

In their bedroom, Kate took out the built-in cupboards around the bed and repainted the walls crisp white which offset their minimal beige bed and furnishings.

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