Dad-of-16 reveals family’s ‘small’ grocery shop including 11 boxes of cereal and 30 pints of milk

A DAD-OF-16 has revealed his family’s “small” grocery shop, including 10 boxes of cereal and 30 pints of milk.

Jeni and Ray Bonell, from Brisbane, are parents to Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn.

Dad Ray was tasked with doing a grocery shop for once, due to wife Jeni recovering from cancer surgery.

Speaking to the family’s 31,000 subscribers, Ray said: “As you know, my wife Jen is recovering from a large operation. It looks like it is dad’s turn to go and do the groceries.”

He shared how he was taking helpful daughter Eve along to help him out, and she started by making a list. 

Showing off their whopping haul, Ray jokes: “I think Eve has bought some things that we don’t usually buy.”

Their “small” shop for supplies including 11 boxes of cereal; two Cornflakes, three Rice Puffs, two Omega Three, three Fruit Rings and a box of Branflakes.

The busy dad joked that the haul looked like a “dad shop” as a few extra things had fallen into the trolley, like pink milk and biscuits covered in Hundreds and Thousands.

Also included in the shop were five big cartons of milk, sliced ham, fruit salads, crisps and four loaves of bread. 

There was also an array of fresh fruit and veggies, including mushrooms, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, apples and pears. 

And of course a huge packet of toilet paper finished off the shop.

Ray said: “This was only a small shop. I’m not quite cut out for doing the groceries. I’m glad that Jen does it all.”

Eve joked: “I think mum might be better at doing the groceries, but we only spent $195.66.”

The family regularly share insights into their hectic life on Instagram and YouTube, with Jeni saying she’s ‘blessed’ to have so many kids.

Jeni recently revealed her fears for her future after discovering that her cancer has returned.

The mum-of-16 battled thyroid cancer back in 2017 but went into remission following surgery.

However, the mum recently took to the family YouTube channel to share the devastating news that doctors had discovered a second tumour.

Joined by husband Ray, she explained how the lump had been discovered during a routine test.

She said: “While they were doing those scans they found something else, so we had to do further scans.

“What they found was a tumour, that tumour is in my kidney.

“Whether this is benign or cancerous this lump has to come out this will cause me problems.

“It’s most likely not benign, this is probably nasty, which is very scary.”

Facing the prospect of open surgery proved difficult for Jeni, especially when it came to stepping back in the parenting department.

“I’m going to have to hand the reins over to you,” she tells Ray.

“You’re going to have to run the household, take care of all the kids – I’ve got no issues with that.

“It’s hard for me, I’m very much used to running this household. For me to have to stop and not be able to move around and not be able to drive, I already know that I’m going to struggle with that.

“Beyond that, the biggest fear at the moment is whether or not this is cancer.

“The kids are feeling pretty fragile and scared at the moment as well.

“I’m pretty fragile, one moment I’m OK and the next I’m in tears.”

Jeni has since been in for her surgery in Brisbane, and her daughter Nat has provided an update on her recovery.

Speaking in a recent video, Nat said: “The doctors have confirmed that it was cancer.

“However, they were able to remove it with clear margins which is really good news for us.”

Jeni is continuing her recovery at home in Toowoomba, Queensland.

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