Daily numerology: What the numbers mean for you today Saturday April 10

NUMEROLOGY is the study of numbers in your life and what they can mean for each individual person.

The cosmos and your life is affected by your birth date, birth name and other factors surrounding an individual. How will the numbers affect you today? 

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Today is a day for bonding with your family especially your siblings. You're feeling a bit trapped in regards to your personal life so some time with loved ones could help.

Your lucky number of the day is 3.


You're feeling alone today – some issues that have come up has left you feeling helpless. Try reaching out for help if you need it and it will come.

Your lucky number of the day is 5.


Money is tight right now but you've had your eyes set on a big purchase. It's worth it to wait for a time when you're more financially stable.

Your lucky number of the day is 1.


A person close to you may be considering moving away. You're left trying to convince them to stay but are not sure their minds can be changed.

Your lucky number of the day is 18.


Your day is filled with happiness and love. You're able to take some time out and see the people closest to you.

Your lucky number of the day is 2.


Today you're looking to do something fun and you inquire some friends to join you. There may be an opportunity for you to take the next step with someone you admire.

Your lucky number of the day is 17.


Your day is filled with high energy. You're looking to make new goals after accomplishing your previous ones which leaves you in a celebratory mood.

Your lucky number of the day is 6.


You're beginning to go to a dark place and want to isolate yourself. You're feeling angry and misunderstood. Try to mend those relationships around you that may be strained.

Your lucky number of the day is 1.


You needed help today and you received it. You're overwhelmed by those who were so eager to lend a helping hand during a time of need.

Your lucky number of the day is 22.

How do I calculate my Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number is calculated by your date of birth and is considered one of the most important and influential numbers within your entire Numerology Chart.

Example Birthday: 07 / 03 / 1992

0 + 7 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 31. Then add 3 and 1 together. Their Life Path Number is 4.

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