Dating expert reveals the personality trait that makes you the most 'desirable' & the two that will struggle with love

HAVE you ever wondered what makes two people go the distance? Well, a dating expert has spilled the beans and revealed the personality traits that make you "desirable"

Louanne Ward, from Perth, Australia, is a professional matchmaker and explained that there are "certain character traits" we all look for in potential partners.

Interestingly, though, she revealed that what attracts you to someone at first could be the very thing to turn you off further down the track – often causing relationships to end.

Successful matches "almost always" have one thing in common, she explained in a clip posted on her Facebook page, and that's what she calls a "central maintenance" persona, Mail Online reports.

Okay, so you've heard of "low" and "high" maintenance, but what is "central" maintenance?

Louanne explained that being either low or high maintenance will make it difficult to attract potential partners and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Instead, you need to be straight down the line and people who are "central maintenance" know exactly who they are and set clear boundaries that allow relationships to flourish.

Doing this offers a perfect balance of independence and partnership, she said, and it helps both people grow individually and together.

"You've got to be spontaneous, joyful, independent and fun, they're the things that are desirable in a relationship," she added.

She admitted that a "laidback and low maintenance" personality can be attractive at first, but warned being too relaxed can make you appear "uninteresting" eventually.

It's easy to fall into the trap of getting comfortable too, so the expert said it's important to remember that relationships always need some excitement.

"Being low maintenance is fine, but it's not natural to be in that state all the time," she added. 

And the same can be said for those who are "high maintenance" as the dating guru argued they'll have trouble sustaining long-term relationships because of their emotional needs and dependencies

"At first when you meet them, having someone high maintenance can be quite attractive. People love a challenge," she said.

But eventually this quality can appear as "demanding" and "controlling", she warned.

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