DMR Group Opens Branch in London

MORE DATA: The DMR Group has quietly opened a new branch in London, aimed at strengthening the firm’s international presence.

The company, which focuses on monitoring, tracking and analyzing data, communication activities and public relations strategies for leading brands worldwide, cited international expansion and proximity to global consumers as the main reasons for the opening. Among its U.K.-based clients, the group counts Burberry, Belstaff and the British branches of Chanel, Hermès and Ralph Lauren.

DRM Group already has international offices in New York and Hong Kong, in addition to the Milan headquarters, a production hub in Timisoara, Romania, and local representatives in Paris and Munich.

“Our direct presence on the territory is a key value for a group that has always been focused on continuity and proximity, even more so today given the recent geopolitical dynamics and the strategic relevance of the U.K. market,” explained Vincenzo di Sarli, founder of DMR Group.

“We are confident that facilitating and speeding up the communication flows with our local partners will help strengthen the relationships built up over the years, especially in this phase of rapid and radical transformation of the communication and marketing models at the core of our tailored analyses,” he added.

Vincenzo Di Sarli, president and founder of DMR Group. Courtesy Image.

Earlier this year the group, which is known for in-depth analysis across the luxury, fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle and entertainment sectors, also launched Trend Lab, a new division created to release monthly reports and share them with the press. They include research that the firm conducts scrutinizing around 200,000 websites and social media accounts and 4,500 print publications to aggregate data on various topics of interest for journalists and editors, such as international fashion weeks’ earned media values and top influencers worldwide.

“The direct interaction with other industry representatives and players is a further step to promote extended information and share useful data to help understand the increasingly fast-paced and dynamic evolution of the global market,” di Sarli said of the division.

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