Even the Largest Lego Store Couldn't Excite Me More Than This Adidas Sneaker Collab

Even the Largest Lego Store Couldn’t Excite Me More Than This Adidas Sneaker Collab

Lego is the nostalgic brand from your childhood taking hold of the fashion world — this week, anyway. After recently announcing a clothing collaboration with Levi’s, Lego will now allow you to complete the outfit from head to toe thanks to its new take on the Adidas Original ZX8000 sneaker, which is part of the A-ZX series. The eye-catching athletic shoe will definitely go down in the Adidas archives as a collector’s item and is expected to sell out quickly, with early images of the shoe circulating over the internet more than a week before the initial drop date. At least that gives us ample time to develop a plan for Friday, Sept. 25, when we’ll sit at our computers desperately refreshing the Adidas site until the product page goes live.

The little details are really what sell this shoe — the colorblock palette will instantly remind you of the bricks you used to play with, and the lace options are interchangeable, so you can mix and match them with the brick lace jewel add-ons. Essentially, you’re able to “build up” and personalize your own sneakers with the purchase of these puppies, and that makes a whole lot of sense to us. You’ll also be flaunting the Lego logo proudly on the tongue of the shoe, just in case passersby aren’t sure what your trainers are meant to look like. Pshh, as if the actual Lego brick clipped onto the front laces isn’t an immediate giveaway.

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