Ex Pandora worker reveals how to get a FREE bracelet & tips for getting the best Boxing Day deals

A FORMER Pandora worker has revealed her insider guide to shopping at the popular jewellery store during Christmas time. 

Hailee Harris, 21, from Chicago, said while the festive season often means busier hectic days for employees, she loved the Christmas spirit and wearing Santa hats as well as reindeer antlers to her shifts. 

The 21-year-old worked at her local Pandora store in Geneva, Illinois, in March 2018 and continued to work for the company until January 2019.

However Hailee enjoyed her time at Pandora so much that she returned to the store to help out on special – busy – occasions such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. 

She said: "Christmas at Pandora is always insane but so fun! The shift and day goes by so fast and everyone is always so cheery for the holidays. 

"Around Christmas time, the store I worked at opened at 9am on the weekends which was always the busiest. 

"Usually right off the bat all of the staff would be busy helping customers. There were always massive lines inside the store and people would pack themselves in the doors to get in!

"We would be slammed with zero downtime all the way until close at 9pm!" 

Hailee revealed that stock would sell out particularly fast – especially at Christmas time – and her store only received new shipments of stock every three weeks.

She is now encouraging shoppers to get something "quickly" if they want it for the 25th December, as from her experience, stock can sell out extra fast during the festive period. 

The former employee also revealed that Christmas is just as busy as Mother's Day. 

She said: "From my experience, my Pandora store had new shipments about every 3 weeks, so if something sold out fast or was a new item it would be out of stock for another 3 weeks. 

"That being said, as soon as a new collection drops if there is something you want, get it fast and first!

"All of the holidays are busy at Pandora – Valentines, Mother's Day, Black Friday – and even the summer is very busy with birthdays.

"In my opinion, Mother's Day can be just as busy as Christmas time at Pandora."

Those looking to purchase Christmas gifts from Pandora should start by looking online for what they want, Hailee suggested as she revealed her top tips. 

She said shoppers can save the items they want on the website – and even if they don't purchase online, this will make the in-store shopping experiences more efficient. 

Using this tip means shoppers will know exactly what they want to see when they go into the store and it minimizes the time it takes them to find the gifts they want to purchase. 

Hailee added: "I also recommend taking a look at the sale items, they can go up to 30% off! 

"From my experience the busiest times at Pandora are weekends and evenings. If you want to shop in person I suggest going a weekday in the morning or afternoon if possible. 

When it comes to bargains, keep an eye on any free bracelet deals. If you spend 'x' amount of money, you get a free bracelet.

"If you can't, most stores offer a wait system where you check in and get a text when you are next in line.

"When it comes to bargains, keep an eye on any free bracelet deals. If you spend "x" amount of money, you get a free bracelet. 

"This is so perfect for someone who doesn't have a bracelet yet. It is usually $125 (£93) minimum spend which would get you three to four charms for that free bracelet."

The former Pandora worker said she believes Boxing Day sales are just as busy as Black Friday sales in the US.

Hailee said the jewellery brand doesn't usually offer more than 30% off a purchase from her experience, so if the deal is available – shoppers should take advantage fast. 

The 21-year-old, who regularly shares her retail experience on her popular TikTok page, believes Pandora products are the perfect Christmas gifts for so many people. 

She added: "Pandora usually never does more than 30% off your purchase, which is what the sale was this year for Black Friday.

"The Leather Bracelets from Pandora are my favourite. They are so great for someone who does not want a fancy looking bracelet like all silver or gold. They are great for everyday wear. 

"Pandora is also super famous for their rings and stacking rings, which you can't go wrong with!"

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