EXCLUSIVE: Sincerely Jules Launches Color Dept. Beauty Brand

Influencer Julie Sariñana, known best as Sincerely Jules, is embarking on her first venture in the beauty world.

The fashion and lifestyle influencer is launching a beauty brand today called Color Dept. The brand is focusing on the nail care category, releasing its first collection of seven sustainable, plant-based and 100 percent vegan nail polish colors in hues of pink, purple, blue, orange, green and white.

“I’ve always been surrounded by color just because I come from Mexico,” Sariñana said about creating the brand. “We’re very colorful in everything that we do. Our culture, it’s just bright and rich and very vivid. I also have three siblings that are all artists, so color and art were always around me growing up.”

Sariñana has been developing the beauty brand since before the pandemic started. She stated she was inspired to go into nail care after working at her brother’s nail salon for four years while attending college in Los Angeles. She saw the importance and impact that doing your nails and self care had on a person while working as the salon’s manager, which inspired her to launch the brand.

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“[Beauty] is another extension of what I do because you can express yourself just like you would with fashion,” she said. “Everything that I do with fashion and my social media — all of the storytelling — I wanted to bring that into the nail care industry because I feel like when you look at other brands that are currently out, I love a bunch of them but what’s lacking is cool editorial imagery or storytelling through nails. That’s what I feel like I’m bringing to the table.”

Sariñana has other nail polish collections planned for the remainder of the year and isn’t ruling out expanding into other makeup categories later on. She said she named the brand Color Dept. so that she wouldn’t be limited to what her beauty brand can offer in the future.

Color Dept. isn’t Sariñana’s first business venture. The influencer previously ran her fashion label, Sincerely Jules for seven years, which she shuttered three years ago to focus on other projects. She’s since continued to partner with other brands on collaborations, including a recent partnership with Bandier for a fashion collection, which she is continuing this month with the collaboration’s second drop.

The brand’s seven nail polish colors and top coat are priced at $10 per bottle or $60 for the full collection and are available on Color Dept.’s website.


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