F-LAGSTUF-F SS21 Presents Youthful Angst Amidst Pastoral Landscape

Nobuyuki Murayama, the designer behind Japanese label F-LAGSTUF-F, isn’t shy about revealing his cultural influences. Launching everything from anime-inspired T-shirts to patchworked jackets inspired by ’90s sportswear, Murayama channels his personal taste into his label’s frequent product drops. Spring/Summer 2021, “MIX CULTURE,” is exemplary of this aesthetic, yielding a slouchy selection of genderless layering pieces indebted to memories of Murayama’s youth.

Specifically, Murayama draws fromthe Amekaji (portmanteau of “American” and “Casual”) movement, taking cues from the music and garments of the era by way of short-sleeved work shirts, oversized anoraks and plenty of paisley bandana prints.

A collaboration with Gavin Watson enlivens the range with evocative prints while bespoke Dickies pants are crafted from technical textiles for retro flair and the artisanal leather experts at Blackmeans provide a hefty black leather trucker jacket. Throughout, elements of athleticwear mesh with staples that evoke old school America, like striped rugby shirts and blue jeans.

Keep up with the brand on F-LAGSTUF-F’s website and via stockists like HBX.

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