Fashion Nova shoppers horrified by model's titchy bikini bottoms & say they are so small they 'should be censored'

OUR summer holidays may have been put on hold indefinitely by the lockdown – but at least we can fantasise about warmer climates through our social media feeds. Right?

And while the prospect of wearing a bikini may seem like a far-off dream for us in the UK, LA-based brand Fashion Nova have been treating their 18m Instagram followers to snippets of their summer collection.

And let's just say, their swimwear in particular leaves VERY little to the imagination.

Earlier this week, the brand posted a photo of their new tiger-print bikini set which includes some of the skimpiest bottoms we've ever seen.

While the top is a bog-standard triangular design, horrified shoppers compared the thong to the size of a discarded gum wrapper.

Although the Instagram post received over 50,000 "likes", hundreds of followers commented on the, erm, virtually non-existent bottoms.

As one shopper called for them to "be censored", another wrote: "This must be a joke?"

A third asked: "Is the bottom on backwards?"

"I think the bottoms are too small," one follower replied.

Commenting on the tiger print pattern, another joked: "I bet you Joe Exotic could wear this better than her!!"

But this isn't the first time Fashion Nova has left fans with their daring designs.

Last year, outraged shoppers demanded the brand remove a photo of swimsuit model after they claimed ‘her vagina was hanging out’.

The image of the Marbella swimsuit featured a model wearing the one piece as well as a cover up.

Fashion Nova captioned the post, which has received more than 14,000 likes, “Are You Ready To Heat Things Up?”

But numerous people claimed the photo of the model in the £23.66 costume was indecent.

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