Hairdresser shows how to get perfect curls with 10 empty toilet roll tubes

Although you might be enjoying not having to dress up at home, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a pamper session.

But your usual trip to the hairdresser or beautician isn’t an option so you need to do what you can at home.

And if you don’t have the tools on hand for a beautiful set of curls, hairdresser Ozzie Rizzo has the solution – toilet roll tubes.

Yes, if you stocked up on loo roll, get saving up those empty tubes for your hair.

The tubes are a perfect shape to wrap your hair around for big bouncy curls instead of velcro rollers.

Ozzie says you need around 10 but it depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

How to curl your hair with toilet roll tubes:

You will need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Around 10 toilet rolls (possibly more or less depending on hair thickness)
  • Bobby pins or sectioning clips
  • Paddle brush
  • Wide-tooth comb or soft brush
  • Hair smoothing cream or oil
  • Hairspray

Start by washing your hair and combing through to remove any knots.

Dry your hair with a flat paddle brush, making sure to move in a downwards motion in order to smooth hair follicles.

Once fried, apply a pea-sized amount of a smoothing balm or nourishing hair oil to tame flyaways and run lightly from roots to tips.

Taking a comb start by sectioning the hair into three to four inch wide sections (depending on hair thickness)

Grab your empty loo rolls and start by taking the front section of the hair first.

Starting from the bottom of the hair section, wrap the ends around the empty loo roll.

Roll in an upward motion and fasten tightly with a sectioning clip or bobby pin once you reach the top.

Continue around the whole head making sure to always roll backwards away from the face.

Once all the rolls are in place, set hair with a generous amount of hairspray.

Taking your hairdryer again, set onto a medium heat and hold over each roll for no more than 10 seconds.

Once cooled, gently unclip the rolls and slowly unravel, making sure not to pull hair too quickly.

After the rolls have been removed, take a wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush and gently run through curls to create a soft and smooth wave.

Finish off with a mist of hairspray to hold and it’s complete.

Ozzie Rizzo, CEO of Ozzie Rizzo says: ‘We know how frustrated our clients are that they can’t maintain their luscious locks. 

‘And, while we are unable to get ready and go out to meet people, getting up in the mornings and getting dressed will help us to maintain a positive state of mind, and will ensure we’re ready for any video calls and meetings.  Plus a little TLC for your hair at home is a great way to pass some time, and learn a new self-pampering skill.

‘We are getting lots of requests for tips and advice on how to create an easy to create style at home, so we thought we’d help you all out with a step by step guide to create one of our most popular looks from your own home without the need to invest in rollers.’

The hairdresser is also encouraging people to post their results and tag them with #tolietrolltwistchallenge.

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