‘Happily engaged' woman shows off her ring after dating her fiance's brother, best friend AND having his cousin's baby

A WOMAN has showcased her sparkling engagement ring – after she dated her fiance’s brother, best friend and having his cousin’s baby.

The bride-to-be shared a snap of her diamond dazzler on Facebook, where she announced that she was “happily engaged” but it had been a long time coming.

Captioning her snap she wrote: “Curved him for four years, dated his best friend & brother. Had a baby by his cousin.

“He saw something in me, happily engaged!”

The post has since been shared on Reddit where it left users baffled as to why the bloke proposed.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “More like he's sees nothing in himself.”

“Very trashy” wrote one, while a third added, “She offers a family package I see.”

The post was shared on the subreddit r/Trashy.

The group has over 2.3 million members and is described as a place for "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and downright trashy."

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