Home Bargains is selling ‘game changing’ oven liners for £1.49 so you don’t have to scrub food off the bottom

EVER get fed up with scrubbing food off the bottom of your oven?

People are hailing Home Bargains’ £1.49 oven liners as being a “game changer” and saying the product saves them so much time.

A shopper posted a photo of their bargain oven liners to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK. 

They wrote: “This is a game changer no scrubbing the bottom of the oven. Hardly noticeable. Dishwasher friendly.

“Home bargain’s £1.49.”

Their post has racked up nearly 2,000 likes, with people praising the liners for catching food. 

One raved: “Yes it is this ones a game changer for sure. No more scrubbing the bottom of the oven again.”

Another added: “Want one.”

A third advised: “These are not only brilliant for the bottom of the oven but I cut mine to line my trays as well. no more scrubbing.”

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