Home Bargains shoppers are raving about 'amazing' 49p cream which is perfect for 'chub rub' & it's more than £6 in Boots

IF YOU love cooling down in summery dresses but hate the sore inner thighs you get as a result of your skin rubbing together in the hot weather, then you need to listen up.

Home Bargains shoppers reckon they might have found a solution to the dreaded "chub rub" – and it cost just 49p.

One woman alerted members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group of her find, and the exact same cream is a huge £6.30 in Boots – and even more on Amazon.

Posting a snap of the super cheap buy, she wrote: "If your like me and have tree stumps for legs this stuff is amazing for cub rub only 49p home bargins and I normally pay £8 in boots." [sic]

The miracle buy in question is the Lanacane anti-chafing gel which promises to act as a "unique barrier against friction."

It also says it will "sooth and prevent chafing soreness from rubbing skin on skin."

Chaffing can still occur with some fabrics too, so we aren't off the hook just because we choose to wear trousers instead.

Luckily, the bargain buy promises to sooth chaffing caused from "skin of fabric" too – so it's no wonder everyone is rushing in to clear the shelves.

"If you see any CLEAR THE SHELF!!"one person wrote, tagging a mate.

"This stuff is amazing!" said another.

While a third gushed: "49p what a barg I best stock up."

And a fourth added: "Chaffing is the worst may have to grab some."

Meanwhile, women are praising this ‘chub rub’ tape and reckon it’s perfect for avoiding chafing during the heatwave.

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