How does astrology work and is there science behind it?

MANY people rely on the stars to give us an insight into our future, regularly checking horoscopes for mystical insights and advice.

You might be familiar with your star sign, commonly known as the zodiac, or even your planet position – but how exactly does astrology work and is there science behind it?

How does astrology work? 

Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual's life depending on when they were born – from their mood to thier personality to what happens in the future.

It can be pretty complex stuff for the average person and is often referred to as "the language of the sky" – a language only astrologers understand.

People have been studying astrology for thousands of years, and to become a horoscope reader, you need to get to grips with the basics, by reading books, reading horoscope charts and practising interpretations.

The horoscopes is an astronomical map that shows the placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets within 12 sections of the sky—the signs of the zodiac.

Is there science behind astrology? 

Scientists claim astrology is not yet proven and that the position of stars and planets is more accurately defined as astronomy – which IS a natural science.

Astronomy uses mathematics, physics, and chemistry in order to explain the origin and evolution of objects in the universe (including the moon, sun and planets).

Some, however, argue astrology is different and is a natural science too, as it deals with observations and prediction of events in the sky which influences human affairs and the natural world.

That being said, there's said to be no conclusive evidence that astrology is backed by science, or that astrology is an accurate predictor of personality traits, future destinies or love lives, as written in Smithsonian Magazine.

Is astrology accurate? 

This too is debatable as it depends on whether or not you agree astrology is a science.

For those who believe astronomy and astrology are one and the same, then yes, astrology is accurate as it's based on mathematical and scientific principles that have not and will not change.

However, since there's no proof it is actually science-based, there's said to be no conclusive evidence that it is accurate.

Do astrology predictions come true?

Astrologers believe that predictions are based entirely on the universe and that what's written in the stars will be true.

Many, however, believe it to be false and any likelihood of certain predictions coming true is base purely on chance.

But whatever your take, checking out what the stars supposedly have in store for you can be great fun.

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