How to get the best night’s sleep EVER as the temperature drops & why the hairdryer is going to be your new best friend

SUMMER is well and truly over and with that comes the desperate attempt to stay warm and cosy once night time strikes.

But you don't have to run up the heating bill, or shiver through the night, as there are a few simple ways that will guarantee the best sleep ever.

Fabulous spoke with Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan who revealed some affordable and fun ways that'll help your family stay warm and sleep well.

Dr Ramlakhan said: "You might think you are taking every step to make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep, but so many people neglect the most obvious thing – their sleep environment.

"We need to feel comfortable in order to drift off into a deep and restful sleep, and a big part of this is the temperature of the room we're going to sleep in."

Here are some tips that will help you doze off and rest well…

Give your whole body a once-over

"This is a great way of getting warm before you’ve even got into bed," the expert said.

Simply use a hairdryer to warm yourself up before you hop under the sheets and the bed won’t feel as cold when you get in – meaning you’ll settle much quicker.

And the best part is that your little ones will find it amusing and might actually WANT to jump into bed.

Wear fluffy gloves

It might look strange, but wearing soft fluffy gloves will ensure your hands stay toasty during those cold winter nights.

She said: "As well as this, I’m a big believer that mobile phones should not be used in bed, and wearing gloves will make it less tempting to grab it while you’re settling down to sleep."

Invest in ‘teddy fleece’ bedding

Teddy fleece bedding is growing in popularity at the moment and will be hot property as we head towards winter.

"Creating a relaxing, calming environment is crucial for getting a good night’s sleep," Dr Ramlakhan said.

"The warm and comforting feel of teddy fleece is a great addition to any bedroom – wrap yourself up and shut the world out for a deep and restorative sleep"

Hug a microwaveable wheat bag

Wheat bags are a great source of warmth on colder nights – and Dr Ramlakhan thinks they're even betterthan a hot water bottle.

They come in a range of nice calming fragrances, like lavender, which can help you drift off at night.

"Pop one in the microwave and take it to bed with you – you won’t regret it," she said.

If you're looking for other ways to help you fall asleep, Stacey Solomon swears by her DIY pillow spray for helping her sleep and she made it for FREE.

Plus a slumber expert offers eight tricks to help your kids get a good night sleep, including feeding them tuna and doing the hoovering.

Meanwhile, Wilko has slashed the price of its teddy fleece bedding and people are desperate to snap is up as temperatures plunge.

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