How to walk in heels – 4 tips to master walking in high heels

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We all want to rock a pair of killer heels every now and then and are totally envious of the women who effortlessly turn up to work in high heels. If you struggle to keep high heels on for more than an hour or often trip and fall when you wear heels, you aren’t walking properly! Everyone can wear high heels as long as they have the right pair of shoes for you and follow our top four tips to mastering walking in high heels.

Wear the right size

Don’t try and squeeze into a pair of heels that are too small for you, as this will give you cuts and blisters.

Equally, a shoe with more than 1cm space between your heel and the back of the shoe is too big for you! If your feet are slipping out of the heels, you can still get blisters because of the friction.

If the heels are too tight or loose around the toes, they don’t fit you. You don’t want too much wiggle space or not enough.

If the sides of your feet are bulging out of the shoes or you can fit a finger or two between your foot and the heel, they don’t fit.

Don’t just buy your regular shoe size when you’re buying heels, be more specific.

The best way to figure out your exact shoe size is to trace the outline of each foot on separate pieces of paper.

Use a pencil and trace as close to the foot as possible, and then start measuring with a ruler.

Measure from the topmost part of your foot (at your toes) to the bottom of your heel, and then measure across the width of your foot from the furthermost edges.

Compare these measurements to the measurements of the shoe size charts when buying your next pair of heels.

Don’t go overboard

We all wish we could wear skyscraper heels and tower above the rest of the population, but not everyone can last in six-inch heels.

There’s a formula to work out the best heel height for you and the maximum heel height for you.

Divide your height (in cm) by your leg length (in cm) and times your result by 10 to find the heel height that you’ll feel most comfortable in.

If you want to find out the maximum heel height you can wear, extend your leg, relax your foot and measure from the ball of your foot to the end of your heel.

This will show you your foot’s natural incline and, in turn, the highest heel you should be opting for.

If you want to find out more information on finding the perfect pair of heels for you, click here.

Comfort hacks

Once you’ve secured the right pair of heels for you, there are a few ways you can make them feel more comfortable.

Make sure you wear your brand new heels in to stretch them out and make the material more flexible before taking them out for a spin.

When it’s time to wear your heels, spray your feet with deodorant first to avoid sweating, rubbing, blisters and discomfort.

If you’re wearing heels where the toes are covered, tape the third and fourth toes together. These toes will support each other and remove stress on the toe nerves.

Small steps

You will need to alter the way you walk when wearing heels to make the process more comfortable.

Don’t walk with long strides, take smaller steps and walk heel to toe.

Your natural instinct might be to put your whole foot down at once as you would in flats, but this will look incredibly clumsy and hurt!

Put your heel down first and your toe will follow, and take your time!

Make sure you’re leaning back ever so slightly to avoid poor posture and neck pain.

Don’t look down, look towards your endpoint to ensure you don’t trip or walk in a wiggly line.

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