I added £3K of value to my house for £75 – but not everyone is convinced | The Sun

A MAN has claimed he added £3,000 of value to his home for just £75 of work.

TikTok user @villatornft did a “bathroom freshen up”, but not everyone was convinced that his DIY work would actually increase the value.

In a video that has racked up over 380,000 views, he showed how his bathroom before was crumbling and in need of some TLC.

First up, he coated the chipped sink and bath so they looked more new.

He explained: “Used Reno Tub, you’ll need about 2.5L of the resin and 750ml of hardener for a whole tub.”

Then he painted the wall of bath tiles black using a roller.

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He added a black strip around the rest of the bath and painted the rest of the walls white.

The DIY fan wrote: “Adding £3,000 of value to my property for £75.”

The finished result looked a lot smarter, but not everyone was sure about it.

One said: “Where on earth do you get these numbers from.”

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Another added: “think youve decreased it by 4000.”

A third joked: “More like £4.50.”

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