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A WOMAN flew to Turkey to get a new set of teeth reveals she regrets nothings and loves her new smile after undergoing the procedure earlier this year.

Nicole Harty, 26, from Ireland, hated the shape of her teeth so did what most people seem to do these days, flew to Turkey to shave her teeth down and replaced with crowns.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Nicole revealed the reason why she hated her smile and why she didn't tell anyone about her surgery until it was over.

In fact, Nicole hated her smile so much that she reveals she has no pictures of what her old teeth looked like.

She says: "When I travelled to Turkey I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t share anything online until I got back and until I got a correct job done."

"I didn’t want to encourage anyone to go to Turkey if it went downhill for me but I was so satisfied, another thing I didn’t want was people changing my mind and telling me not to go ahead with this.


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"It’s my mouth at the end of the day."

Nicole reveals she landed in Turkey in February and headed straight to her hotel to relax before her treatment, the next morning she was chauffeured off to the clinic.

Due to the many horrific stories posted online about Turkey teeth, Nicole was adamant she wouldn't have the same outcome.

She explains: " I was very demanding but only because I wanted a professional job done on my teeth."

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Despite having braces fitted to fix the shape of her teeth, Nicole wasn't satisfied, spurring her to shave them down and start again.

"Let's be real, you do hear horror stories when you hear Turkey Teeth so I was just making sure all would be a well turnover," she adds.

Nicole explains that she couldn't have asked for a better or more professional job done – the complete opposite of the horror stories she's seen.

"I made my dentist aware I didn’t want my natural teeth overly shaved/filed, I think this is where people get problems with Turkey teeth when the natural teeth are too shaved, she was very understanding and listened," Nicole says.

The young woman had 20 zirconium veneers fitted on the same day as her consultation, and reveals the worst part of the experience was the temporary teeth.

A common remark made about Turkey Teeth is that people will have to get them replaced every ten years, but that doesn't faze Nicole.

She says: "The way I see it is I live in the present not the future.

"My only little worry is if something goes wrong, god forbid, I would need too fly back to Turkey.

"But the way I see it is a flight back to Turkey would be cheaper then one crown back here fitted in Ireland and my teeth are under warranty."

Nicole recalls: "After the teeth were shaved I was given temporary teeth, these teeth scared me off, they honestly looked horrific, they were like a gum shield in my mouth."

After the procedure, Nicole was taken back to her hotel to rest for four days, which was the most difficult part of the experience.

"I cried quite a bit, I hated looking at myself with the temps in, my mental health did slightly go down hill for the duration of those days."

As well as hating her temporary smile, Nicole wasn't able to eat, adding: "I was living off sponge cakes and omelette for the next few days it was horrible I was so hungry my stomach went to my back bone."

Nicole is now thrilled with her new gnashers, although she says she didn't get veneers to get a pearly white smile, together with the advice of her dentist she went for the shade below the whitest shade.

Since then, Nicole has opened up about her experience on her TikTok account @nickyharty20 and was pleasantly surprised by the positive comments she received, however, she does have something to say to those who criticise people for doing it.

"People online who speak so negative towards vulnerable people are the same people who are unhappy with themselves," she adds.

"This decision isn’t an easy one for many but if you see someone with a Turkey smile please be kind and have understanding how hard and terrifying it was for those people too undergo this.

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"It’s no walk in the park."

"I got mainly positive comments surprisingly people were rather supportive and happy for me, they even wrote numerous times how natural my teeth actually looked. I was only delighted to hear this feedback," Nicole says.

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