I cheated on my nail lady but it was an utter fail, they ended up looking like Squashies & I cried all the way home | The Sun

A WOMAN was left devastated after cheating on her nail lady.

Swade Forbes, from London, wanted her nails done for her birthday, but as her usual nail shop was closed she decided to go out into unknown territory.

But the 21-year-old was left crying by the finished product, which many people claimed looked like the sweets, Squashies.

The brunette beauty requested French tips with small pearls added for a glitzy birthday design.

In the short TikTok video, she documented the process claiming she had to find a nail shop in Croydon last minute.

Before she even sat down she claimed the nail tech already had some red flags.


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She said: "Scared… the woman already said she can't do the length I wanted, like why? First red flag."

But according to Swade, things only got worse.

When she got in the chair to have her nails done, she claimed the place looked dirty and that the nail tech filed her sin causing it to bleed, and started using her own nail as a tool.

Swade was mortified when she saw her acrylic nails were extremely curved, she added: "I was holding back tears at this point."

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Not only were her nails curved, but they were also too thick and wide for her natural nail shape.

When asked if she liked it by the nail tech, Swade told her she didn't but it seems she didn't try to make her customer happy.

Swade showed the inspirational picture she used – but it looked nothing like what she left with.

The elegant design was butchered with clumpy acrylic nails and wonky French tips.

"She gave me this, then charged me £55," Swade revealed.

Swade then took a picture of herself in tears, writing: "Cried myself home.

"Lessoned learned, don't cheat on your nail tech."

The video has since gone viral with over 189k views and over 5,000 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts on the nail fail.

One wrote: "Squashies."

Swade replied: "It was giving Squashies."

Another person commented: "OMG this is CRIMINAL."

"My gosh the way I would have walked out without pay for those monsters," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "She needs to be arrested."

"Oh hell no I would not be paying for that," claimed a fifth.

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