I dress like Kate Middleton everyday without paying designer prices – here’s how I saved hundreds on her wardrobe

IT’S no secret that Kate Middleton’s outfits are hot property for online shoppers.

So far in 2021, 86 per cent of Kate’s new looks have sold out online, however, dressing like royalty doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom.

A Kate superfan reveals her secrets to bagging the duchess’s wardrobe, for better than half price.

Elly Jayne from London saved £334 on three of Kate’s most desirable looks, from 2020.

Speaking to Lovethesales.com the 30-year-old investment manager said, “I began by researching exactly which outfits Catherine wears.

“I use three sources to find out the exact pieces Kate owns, Instagram, Twitter and a website called WhatKateWore.com.

“The website charts the majority of Kate's clothing choices, including product names and prices.

“Instagram and Twitter are also useful tools for ‘IDing’ Kate’s outfits, plus you can find amazing deals posted by brands, on both social networks.”

Elly quickly discovered that she could pick up some of the Duchess’ favourite pieces for a fraction of the price if she did her research.

She said: “The first outfit I recreated was a casual look Kate wore whilst on a parenting meetup, in September 2020.

Elly’s top tips for finding Kate’s clothing deals

1. Search Kate specific hashtags to find deals! I browse hashtags like #katemiddletonstyle or #katemiddletonfashion on social media sites, to find out what Kate is wearing and also find great deals. Retailers often use these hashtags to advertise amazing deals on Kate’s clothing choices.

2. Shop similar styles! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been looking for a clothing item Kate has worn and it’s either sold out or too expensive. Using tricks like Google’s ‘search Google for image’ button lets the search engine do the work for you, and can help you find some amazing ‘dupli-Kates’. 

3. Use marketplaces! If Kate wears a well known product that is sold by quite a few different retailers, you want to find the best price, quickly! Shopping on a marketplace is a great way to compare prices fast and get the best deal.

4. Sign up bonuses! I utilise every retailer’s sign-up incentive that I come across. It’s a great way to bag some extra money off one of Kate’s items.

“I searched the hashtag #katemiddletonstyle on Instagram, and found an amazing deal on Kate’s Ralph Lauren white t-shirt, which was 50% off from retailer Flannels.

“Kate’s pink Marks & Spencer trousers were completely sold out online. To find a similar style of clothing, I right clicked on an image of Kate’s M&S trousers and hit ‘search Google for image’.

“Google showed me a collection of similar imagery, which led me to a fantastic deal on a pair of pink Boden trousers, with 50% off.

“I found a huge Superga sale on marketplace LovetheSales.com. I bagged 10% off Kate’s ‘2750 Cotu Classic’ Superga trainers.”

“The second outfit I ‘dupli-Kated’ was a look the duchess wore on a charity Zoom chat with a group of parents and midwives, back in May 2020. Unfortunately, the ‘Jessie’ chevron jumper on Tabitha Webb was sold out and £275!”

“Luckily, with the handy Google ‘image search’ hack, I found a super similar blue chevron jumper on retailer Trouva. The jumper was £220 cheaper than Kate’s original knit, plus I bagged myself an extra 10% off by creating a Trouva account.”

“The best part is, when I showed my friends a side-by-side photo of the two jumpers, they couldn’t tell which one was the £275 jumper and which was £55.”

“The final outfit I ‘repli-Kated’ was an ivory blouse Kate wore to a Remembrance Week Zoom call, back in November 2020. I found the exact blouse she wore from brand Ghost London, on Asos.

What Elly bought

Outfit 1

  • Boden 'Bridport' straight leg trousers | Elly spent £42.50, she saved £42.50 (50% off) through LovetheSales.com
  • Superga ‘2750 Cotu Classic’ trainers | Elly spent £45, she saved £5 (10% off) through LovetheSales.com 
  • 'Lauren' by Ralph Lauren short sleeve knit t-shirt | Elly spent £49.99, she saved £49 (50% off) through House of Fraser 

Outfit 2

  • Rita pale blue chevron jumper | Elly spent £49.50, she saved £5.50 (10% off) through Trouva. She also saved £225.50 by finding an alternate style to the ‘Jessie’ Knit that Kate originally wore (RRP £275)

Outfit 3

  • Ghost London 'Boo' blouse with collar detail in cream | Elly spent £67.15, she saved £11.85 (15% off) through Asos

Total spend: £254

Total Saving: £334

Total saving (%): 57% off

"Even though the ivory colour had completely sold out, I bought the cream variant of the top, which is a similar colour palette. I got an extra 15% off for being a new user to Asos.”

Elly talked about the inspiration for shopping Kate’s looks, “I’ve always loved how Kate dresses.

“I love the brands she wears and I absolutely love how she can switch from dressing in a designer gown, to rocking a Zara skirt.

“It’s so much fun sourcing and recreating Kate's looks, it’s like a challenge I set myself. When I find a deal that saves me hundreds of pounds, I am very happy."

Stuart McClure, the co-founder of LovetheSales.com, commented on Elly’s royal deals, “A year ago, LovetheSales.com broke the news that Kate had become the biggest fashion influencer on the planet.

“Shoppers flock online to buy Kate’s looks and most of the time they are paying full price. Elly’s system for tracking Kate’s outfits and finding a discount is the perfect example of bargain hunting done right.

“The fact that Elly is dressing like royalty whilst saving money, is icing on top of the royal cake.”

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