I Finally Upgraded to Chic "Adult" Underwear With This Soft, Sustainable Set


Am I the only one who looks in my underwear drawer with 30-plus old pairs and thinks, “Ugh, I need all new ones”? Finally, I took action on that yearlong thought and decided it was time to replace all my worn-out, colorful rhinestoned pairs that date far further back than I’d like to admit. This time around, I wanted simple, sleek, adult-like pairs that don’t lack in quality.

While that wish list seems rather basic, navigating the thousands of choices on the internet was overwhelming. Then I stumbled upon Knickey. The cool direct-to-consumer brand makes eco-friendly options that aren’t just good for the environment but also your body. I only wear 100 percent cotton choices, because I find them the most breathable and comfortable. The brand uses clean, cool, certified-organic cotton that’s free of pesticides and petroleum-based fabrics that most underwear is made from these days.

In an effort to try them all, I began with the Starter Set ($65). The five-piece set comes with a low-rise bikini and thong, a mid-rise hipster and brief, and a high-rise brief. My favorite thing about the set is that for every piece, you can choose a different color or size, so it’s customizable to your needs. For example, I like a lighter-colored thong in a smaller size, but I like to size up in a darker-colored brief. Ordering was simple, easy, and totally convenient to get everything I needed.

My final verdict is that I couldn’t be happier to be out with the old and in with the new. Each piece is comfortable and breathable, looks good, and is what I had been wishing for. I’ll be going back for more and throwing everything else away. Keep reading to shop the set and a few of my most favorite silhouettes; you won’t regret it either.

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