I have a big chest – my workout shrunk my bra size from 36E to a 34DD, plus how to make them perkier | The Sun

ONE big-chested woman has increased her workout regimen to decrease her cup size.

Her chest shrunk from a 36E to a 34DD when she performed one fitness routine consistently.

Kyra Hill (@kyrahill00) shared specific exercises that worked in a recent video.

The athletic woman took viewers through the workout in hot pink biker shorts, a cropped T-shirt, and a cream camouflage sports bra.

First, she headed for the bench press to do three sets of 12 on her back.

Kyra lifted her seat to an incline and did four sets of 12 after.

She let the bar lightly tap her chest before forcing it back above her head.

Staying in the same position, Kyra moved on to four sets of 10 close grip presses.

Next, she stood up to work her arms more.

Kyra performed three sets of 12 landmine presses and increased the weight by 10 pounds for each set.

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Three sets of 12 with the cable front raise followed.

Lastly, the dedicated gym girl did four sets of 12 chest flies, increasing by 10 pounds each time.

Desperate viewers commented to thank Kyra for sharing her regimen.

"Thank you! I'll be doing this every day till I go from an E to a training bra," an honest woman admitted.

Another fan added: "I needed this."

"The streets needed this real bad, girl. Thank you," an appreciative woman wrote.

One viewer remarked: "I wanna keep mine, though."

"Low weight, high reps will make them perkier," Kyra responded.

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