I Just Love That Tracee Ellis Ross Got Her Eyebrows Done in This Leopard-Print Unitard

Over the last few months we’ve figured out how to make gray sweatpants chic, turn dresses into nap dresses, and Tracee Ellis Ross is the perfect example of taking her stay-at-home athleisure to the next level. On Monday, the Blackish actress shared photos wearing a leopard unitard and it has us thinking of all the possible outfits the one-piece can double as. The low-cut, figure-hugging unitard is the perfect ensemble for working out, relaxing at home, cooking, and of course, taking supercute selfies. And for Tracee, it was the ideal outfit for an outdoor eyebrow appointment and an Instagram flex.

“I got my eyebrows done (outside with masks of course),” she wrote, thanking her eyebrow guru Damone Roberts. Tracee is often flaunting her trendy sneakers and stylish looks during her workouts, but even for an eyebrow appointment, this one-piece has our attention. Check out the photos ahead of Tracee’s stylish leopard unitard.

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