I live in my car with my pets – I have no shower or toilet but it’s much cheaper than rent or getting a van & I love it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she lives in her car with her two pets – her cat Finley and her dog Snow.

While she does actually own an apartment, she explained that she wanted the freedom of being able to travel and didn’t want to waste money on rent, or buying an expensive van.

Known on social media as ‘Little Hippy Gal’, the woman said that she lives in her Tesla and loves her unique lifestyle. 

Taking to the video sharing platform, the woman gave social media users a tour of her home on wheels.

She said: “Hi friends. I'm Stephanie, and I live in my Tesla with my pets, Snow and Finley.

“Today I just did a big car clean out and I figured it would be the perfect time to give you a tour before I put everything back in.

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“This is my pile of stuff that needs to go back in the car, it's mostly my bedding and the pets beds, but also a bag of garbage and Finley's backpack.

“As for inside the car, this is the front passenger seat, this is Snow’s spot, his big bed goes on top of all of this.

“And then this is my water, my canned food and dry food, my cooler dog food and I've got a pair of boots

“Over in the door, I've got some flea intake meds for the boys, as well as some cleaning supplies.

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“And I also have this little 3D printed window cover so that the boys can't open the window.

“Coming around to the back passenger side, I've got some bathroom stuff, as well as my pyjamas and bear spray.

“My laundry, which is full as you can see. It's almost laundry day.

“An extra bag of pet food, some slippers, and my battery, plus my journals.

“Up top, I've got my little hand embroidered garbage can, some solar lights, my speaker, my catch all bin, my bathroom bag is behind the other seat.

“And then I actually have a twin mattress back here as well.

“There's two cubbies on either side – this one has my craft supplies in it and then on [the other] side I have even more cleaning stuff, some extra pet coats, my raincoat, garbage bags and paper towels.”

She then proceeded to show off her storage space, as she added: “Because we're in a Tesla, we actually have two trunks, so this is one of them – this one has my doggy blow dryer, my lawn chair, my solar panel, as well as a fold down kennel, figure skates and a few other miscellaneous items like my winter coat.

“Also, I do vacuum, but Snow's hair is just everywhere all the time.

“So unless I literally just vacuum now it's pretty much always gonna look like this, unfortunately.

“And then coming through the driver's back door, I've got Finley's food storage, my first aid kit, Finley's litter box.

“I also have the bathroom bag just hanging on this headrest so that I can use it as a pillow when I move the seat forward.

“Arriving at the driver side, I spend a lot of time here, so this has some of my most often used stuff – my little pimple pads, hand sanitizer, a journal, post-it notes, my hairbrush, some Q tips, acetone, and another solar battery.”


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As a result of living in a car, she explained that she doesn’t have a proper toilet, so uses a jug, as she confirmed: “This is my emergency bathroom jug.” 

The woman later explained that she doesn’t have a shower, so uses “leisure centers, gyms, truckstops, friends houses, rivers and lakes” instead. 

The woman’s car tour has clearly shocked many, as in just one day, it has quickly amassed 181.1k views.

It has 5,667 likes, 91 comments, 167 saves and 77 shares.

However, many social media users flooded the comments, eager to talk about the cat’s litter tray.

One person said: “A litter box in your car/room is CRAZY.” 

Another added: “Yuck why would you want your cat's toilet at the head of your bed.”

A third commented: “How in the world can you stand being in that car with a litter box?!?”

Meanwhile, someone else asked: “Can I ask why you're living in your car?”

To this, the social media user confirmed: “Like vanlife, but smaller and carbon friendly! 

“Life is too short to be stuck in one place where I don’t want to be – so I travel instead!”

Whilst another user asked: “Do you live here by choice or not?”

To this, the woman explained: “By choice, I also own a condo that I keep rented out.” 

Meanwhile, another questioned: “Why not buy a van?”

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The ‘Hippy Gal’ then shared: “It would be way more expensive.” 

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