I met my fiance, 51, when I was 19 – people mistake him for my dad & my pals ditched me but I don’t care, it’s true love

A COUPLE with a 32 year age gap have revealed that they’re constantly mistaken for father and daughter by strangers.

Scott, 56, met Jessica, 24 in August 2016 when she was just 19 at the time, and ten years younger than his own daughter.

Initially, the dad-of-two was concerned about Jessica’s age, admitting that he would never normally go for someone so young.

He says: “She messaged me first because her profile would have been invisible to me because she was younger than my minimum age restriction.

“I remember clicking on her profile and thinking ‘wow, she’s gorgeous’ then I saw her age, then I freaked out.

“Initially I had a lot of reservations about dating a girl this young. 

“My biggest concern about the relationship is that she was considerably younger than my daughter

“My daughter is 32 now, almost ten years older than Jessica, of course I was concerned about how others would think about us together.”

Their age gap means that Jessica is regularly mistaken for Scott’s daughter, and Jessica says that they are harshly judged for their relationship.

“Typically people think Scott is my dad”, Jessica says, “I would say generally people are pretty uncomfortable with our relationship.

“My friends weren’t supportive, I think they had some judgment about it so I’m just not invited to things anymore.”

Scott agreed adding, “Most people who don’t know us, assume she’s a golddigger or I’m her sugar daddy.

“We can’t spend our lives worrying about what everybody else thinks.”

We can’t spend our lives worrying about what everybody else thinks.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction to their relationship, Jessica says that while her dad is a year younger than Scott, her parents have been extremely supportive.

“My family took the relationship really well, he came to meet my dad and my dad loved him surprisingly,” she adds.

The couple are now planning their wedding together, after Scott popped the question in Montreal in 2019.

Once married the pair want to start trying for a baby together as they are both keen to start a family of their own.

Jessica said: “When Scott and I first met I was really worried that I wouldn’t be at the same point in our lives because I wanted to have a family and Scott already has two kids.

He added: “We’re doing IVF. She is completely fertile, I however, several years ago got a vasectomy. 

“I assumed that I was done with having kids, fast forward five years and here we are and I have since changed my mind.”

Jessica said: “Scott’s already a great dad, he’s just going to be better than he was the first time.”

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