I spent £7k on a BBL to get a great a*s – I’m fuming it didn’t happen instantly… I’m doing it again though | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she is planning a second BBL despite it leaving her in excruciating pain.

Kira Nazjae, from the US, has documented her BBL journey on her TikTok account, and revealed she didn't quite get the results she wanted.

In one clip posted to her account @hairbykiranazjae, Kira complained about the reality of going under the knife and getting a BBL.

She said: "This is s**t I wish b****es would have told me before I went and got my BBL.

"For one. That s**t hurts like hell. I've never felt a mother****ing pain like that in my life."

The hairstylist also revealed that in her experience you end up paying way more than what was advertised.


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She claimed she was originally quoted £4,400 ($5,500) to go under the knife but ended up spending £7,200 ($9,000).

Kira, who had 360 lipo alongside her BBL to have the fat removed and placed into her bum was massively disappointed that she didn't wake up with her dream bum straightaway.

"You might not get the results you want right out of surgery, it might take you a couple weeks, but you got to give it some time," she added.

"Me? I'm impatient. I don't have time.

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"I gave you my mother****ing money, I want what I want.

"I want it now, it's my a*s."

Kira also revealed that post-op recovery was the most important part of the whole journey and that your body will continue to shift shape for months after.

In another video, despite her BBL leaving her in excruciating pain, Kira revealed she was prepared to get on the operating table once again.

Showing off the results of her new and improved bum, Kira revealed she still had changes to make.

She said: "This is what I look like one-month post-op, so definitely going to do a round two.

"Only to get other parts of my body lipoed a little bit more."

The videos soon went viral with over two million views and people rushed to the comment sections to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "You don't need round two. You are fire already."

A second added: "You look really natural stay like this!!!! You look good girl."

"They gave you a diaper booty," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "No disrespect sis don't look like you got a lipo session or a bbl….don't waste your money, eat right n go to the gym…..it's not worth it."

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Someone else claimed: "Baby girl it looks horrible."

"Most natural bbl I've ever seen," another wrote.

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