I took a DNA test and found out I had a secret sister after my dad had a fling… then my mum shocked me with the truth

FEW people expect to find out much they don't know when taking a DNA test.

But one TikTok user was in for a surprise when shortly after she got her results, a woman got in touch to say they were "a match".

The woman called Hillary, who runs the account @hillary.zinks, went on to explain that they soon discovered they were half-sisters, and found her biological mum.

She therefore assumed that her dad must have been the one to have a fling that resulted in the woman being conceived in New York, around 20 years before she was born in Florida.

After posting her account on TikTok, a TV show got in touch wanting to tell her story.

In her latest video – which has been watched 4.2 million times – she then explains that she gave her mum a heads up about the plan.

However, bizarrely, Hillary's mum began to "panic".

She eventually goes on to tell her that her dad is not her real father.

In a later post, the social media user explains that it turned out her mum had had a one-night stand while married.

To make matters worse, her mum hooked-up with her husband's cousin Jerry.

Hillary joked: "They kept it in the family. Eww."

She then added: "No I don't see Jerry as as my real dad at all."

Her post has received more than 500,000 'likes' and over 3,000 comments, from amazed TikTok fans.

One person wrote: "My gawd."

Another shared: "Oh hunny so much tea in one sitting."

A third added: "WHAT OH MY GOD."

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