I was sick of washing my fine hair everyday so I started making my own dry shampoo… it's cheap to make & I swear by it | The Sun

ANYONE with fine hair knows how annyoing it can be to wash your tresses so often.

But one beauty fan came up with a clever solution she swears by, and the best part is it costs next to nothing to make.

Alex found herself using loads of dry shampoo after giving birth that left her scalp ended up itchy and flaky.

"After I had my first child I was using so much dry shampoo that my scalp got completely ruined by the aerosol sprays, I'm talking my slap was literally peeling," she explained on Instagram

The mum started making her down dry shampoo out of corn starch, with an added ingredient to help disguise it in her brown locks.

She added equal amounts of the corn-starch and cocoa powder to a jar and shook it to combine the two.


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"The corn-starchis what absorbs the oil, the cocoa powder is because I'm a brunette.

"If you have a different hair colour you can use less cocoa powder," Alex said.

She also suggested adding a small amount of essential oils to the powder if you want a fresh scent – just make sure they're safe for skin first.

Using a fluffy make-up brush, Alex showed how she applies the powder directly to her hair, starting at the front and dabbing the brush in more of the DIY dry shampoo as she goes along.

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She then leaves it to absorb the oil for a few minutes before rubbing her hair to get rid of any excess.

The beauty fan said she's been using the homemade dry shampoo for years and it lasts her for months and costs less than £1 to make.

"I still wash my hair every second or third day, I just fine hair and it gets greasy really fast and I don't want to wash it every single day," she explained.

Instagram users were so impressed by the hair hack and couldn't believe they hadn't thought of it themselves.

One commented: "So much better for the environment and my wallet, thank you!!"

"Try corn starch with cinnamon powder, smells good and works the same," another wrote.

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